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Frankly speaking, it’s not our intention to show you images of children in desperate situations in order to get you to donate. We rather like to show you in which areas and with which projects we have been successfully providing on-site help for years and how you can support us in ensuring on-site help in the future and being able to continue and expand our projects.

Future4Kids - Early Child Development

On 8 th June Future For Kids inaugurated a heart-project, the “Early Childhood Development Centre” in Kinigi, complementing our Sewing Centre. It provides a professional and safe day care for 45 small children, giving their single mothers the opportunity to focus on their sewing training.


Future4Kids - Mushimi Sewing Center

In 2020 we built a training building with two sewing workshops. The new sewing center for 50 young, single mothers is located in the Kinigi sector, right on the edge of the national parkwith the mountain gorillas. The choice of location is an expression of our years of commitment to protect the last mountain gorillas in Volcano National Park, their survival is closely related to the living conditions of the people around the park. Since its completion in November 2020, we have been working there together with the local partner organization Muhisimbi in particular the education of underage mothers..

Mountain Gorilla Education Center (MGEC)

The Mountain Gorilla Education Center (MGEC) in the hills of the Northern Province was originally home to 50 orphans. Many of them are still being supported in their training.
For some time now we have been using the MGEC for our “Rerero Ejo Hazaza” project, which means something like “learning for a good future”. We support about 50 children from the first grade, who come from the poorest families in the area. We offer them half-day extra tuition to the regular tuition and a meal, because adequate food security is a prerequisite for being successful at school.

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Kabagorozi Project

Since 2012 we have been supporting 12 families of the indigenous people of Rwanda, the Batwa, who used to live as hunters and gatherers. These families live and work as a cooperative. We support them with materials for agriculture and provide them with the necessary expertise with an agricultural economist. Peopleneed constant encouragement and motivation not to fall into lethargy over their situation. But we don’t give up and keep working to help people to stand on their own.

Rotary Vocational Training Center

The Rotary Vocational Training Center has existed since 2015 and is a vocational training center. Every year 30 young women are trained in tailoring here and 30 more women attend a handicraft course. All this without any costs for the participants. Our goal is that after a year of training, our students will be able to to get their business on their own two feet. We will either provide you with a sewing machine, which gives you the opportunity after completing the Training as a one-person company, or we can arrange for you employment in a company.


Heart project Rwanda: Our goals

Our goals are to promote education, medical care, social and economic development. 100% of your help arrives as everyone on the board is at 100% voluntarily engaged. We are proud of 0% administration costs.

Our projects