Our promise

Our promise

Your help arrives, 100%

One question that will certainly interest you as a sponsor/donor is to what extent your donation arrives where it is needed. Your donation/sponsorship enables orphaned, abused or abandoned children to have a happy childhood and gives them the chance to live a self-determined life with equal opportunities through access to education.
We – Future4Kids – are a small, family association with no economic interest in Rwanda . Our budget is manageable and is directly related to the 49 children we support. Your donation will be used directly for our projects in Rwanda without any administrative effort in Austria. We guarantee that your donation will reach the children undiminished.
Your donation / sponsorship will be managed efficiently and sparingly – we are on site at least once a year and know every child and every employee personally. It should be mentioned that all expenses, such as travel expenses, etc. are not borne by the charity club, but by ourselves, at our own expenses.
We attach great importance to transparency!

Why Rwanda?

Rwanda is one of the poorest countries in the world. That’s why it’s important that 100% of our help arrives in the country.
I (founder of Future4Kids – Otto Fischer) developed a special dismay about Rwanda when I traveled to Rwanda in 2007 and faced enormous hopelessness. This situation prompted me to sponsor several orphans and to get to know the country and its people better. Rwanda is a country where it is not a matter of course to have access to free education or just to have a “normal” childhood – a prerequisite for more equal opportunities and justice. For me as a sponsor, I see it as an obligation to create and maintain this equal opportunity. My work in Rwanda is driven by parents’ desire to give their children a better life and to give them a future and hope.
During my work in Rwanda, I realized that Rwanda also faces a global issue is: the extinction of species. This is particularly noteworthy because the last living mountain gorillas live in Rwanda. It has become a heart project for me to contribute to their protection.

Tax deductibility information

Future For Kids in Rwanda is listed by the Ministry of Finance and has the registration number SO3098. All donations we receive are fully tax-deductible and are used 100% for Future4Kids projects. The deductibility exists both, either for private donations (via the income tax return or wage tax adjustment) as well as for company donations. Up to 10% of profits are deductible for donations (in Austria! See your local information). The deposit receipt with the registration number SO3098 is sufficient as proof of deductibility, but a donation receipt can also be issued if required. If you have any questions or would like to request a separate donation confirmation, please contact us at info@future4kids.at

Heart project Rwanda: Our goals

Our goals are to promote education, medical care, social and economic development. 100% of your help arrives as everyone on the board is at 100% voluntarily engaged. We are proud of 0% administration costs. 

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