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Future for Kids - Muhisimbi Sewing Center

In 2020 we built a training building with two sewing workshops. A large warehouse was built on the same property to safely store the harvest of the Kabagorozi village project. The new sewing center for 50 young, single mothers is located in the Kinigi sector, right on the edge of the national park, the home of many mountain gorillas. The choice of location should show our engagement of protecting the last mountain gorillas in Volcano National Park, whose survival is closely related to the living conditions of the people around the park.

We have been taking care of it there since its completion in November 2020 together with the local partner organization Muhisimbi, in particular the training of underage mothers. When young women give birth to unmarried children, they are usually rejected by their families. We support these young mothers to reintegrate into their families and enable them to train as tailors, the basis for a self-determined life. Our social worker Chris Gatare supports the young women in this difficult situation. Chris grew up in our orphanage in Rwaza and graduated from a social academy. In addition to the young women in the Kinigi project, he also looks after the children in our village project with the indigenous people in Kabagorozi.

Heart project Rwanda: Our goals

Our targets are to promote education, medical care, social and economic development. 100% of your help arrives as everyone on the board is at 100% voluntarily engaged. We are proud of 0% administration costs. 

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