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For us a matter of course, for Rwanda unthinkable

In 1994, Rwanda was ravaged by a devastating civil war and genocide. What remained was a devastated country with hundreds of thousands of orphans. The bitter poverty and misery of many vulnerable and helpless children was and is overwhelming. In 2011 we spontaneously decided to take on responsibility and founded the Future For Kids association – a small, Austrian development aid association that promotes and looks after children and young people on a small, manageable scale. We help children whose future would be uncertain without help, support the former indigenous people, the Batwa, in agriculture, create jobs for the people of Rwanda and accompany young mothers on their way to independence.

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As it all started...

As I – Otto Fischer – flew to Rwanda back in 2007 to get to know my godchild Jophride personally, I was deeply impressed by Rwanda and its inhabitants. A country – located in East Africa – characterized by great poverty and traumatized by a devastating genocide in 1994. Still, people didn’t seem to have lost hope. The hope of a better life in peace they will never lose. I was very touched by the 50 orphans who were cared for by an old nun, Mama Deo. Mama Deo was overwhelmed. That’s why I decided to take responsibility.

Together with friends, the Hochleithner family, the Gottfried family, the Hagen family, to name just a few, we took on responsibility for 50 orphans. Our first humanitarian project…


Dr. Otto Fischer (Founder & Chairman)


Dr. Otto Fischer (Founder & Chairman)

Construction of an orphanage in 2008

With the aim of helping these 50 children sustainably and effectively on site, we decided to build a home for them, which was approved and opened in 2008 despite official difficulties. Our “Mountain Gorilla Education Centre” was born so.
However, according to the statutes, the association ENDAGERED, which was active at the time, was mainly dedicated to the protection of species – which could not be reconciled with our children’s project. That’s why I and some friends founded the Future For Kids association in 2011 in consultation with the ENDAGERED association, which took over the project. Since then, the work has been expanded to include numerous new projects – because there is a need for help almost everywhere in Rwanda. 2 centers for training in tailoring, a after-school care center for elementary school children and a library was built at that time. We also provide a guest house as a “Job Creation Project”. There, young Rwandans should be motivated to find work and are trained here.

Our team work at 100% voluntarily

Future For Kids is an Austrian development association that works 100% on a voluntary basis. We have no financial interests or ideological claims, our one and only interest is the well-being of our cared children and young people.


Dr. Otto Fischer


Fototermin Konzertvereinigung der Wiener Staatsoper im Rahmen der Salzburger Festspiele 2020Im Bild v.l. Päsidentin Anna-Maria Birnbauer und Geschäftsführerin Karin WieserFoto: Franz Neumayr     12.8.2020

Mag. Anna Maria Birnbauer

deputy chairwoman, data privacy chairman


Paul Schwarzmann



Mag. Thomas Jäger



Florian Wallner (Bsc.)

deputy casher

Heart project Rwanda: Our goals

Our goals are to promote education, medical care, social and economic development. 100% of your help arrives as everyone on the board is a volunteer. We are proud of 0% administration costs. 

Our vision

It is not our intention to show you pictures of sad children with hungry bellies in the hope that you will support us. We want to win you over as supporter for promoting sustainable development in the Global South. The aim of our projects is to enable and improve education, to protect children from exploitation, to improve health care and to create an economic future for the people of Rwanda by creating new jobs. The last mountain gorillas in the border triangle of Rwanda, Congo and Uganda, as well as many other species, will only be able to survive if the local people have a secure subsistence.

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