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The Mountain Gorilla­ Education Center (MGEC)

Our MGEC in the hills of the Northern Province was originally a home for 50 orphans. Many of them will still  supported in their education. During the holidays they live with their host families.
Some of the orphans are already grown up and stand on their own, have work in our Job Creation projects or outside of our facility, which makes us particularly happy. Our youngest protégés are currently around 14 years old and are therefore still going to secondary school, some of them attend higher schools. In 2019, we were happy about the graduation of further protégés, who are now looking for a job.
In total, 33 children and young people from the original group are still in training and are therefore in our care. The costs for school children per year are unchanged at around 800 €, the costs for higher education including living expenses at around 1500 € per year. 

The MGEC has been the “home” of our Rerera Ejo Hazaza project since 2016, which means “learning for a good future”. We look after children from the poorest families in the area half a day with additional lessons from the second grade of elementary school and give them a meal. The formerly emaciated and shy children have grown into self-confident, well-nourished and happy people.
Our two teachers Catherine and Batten were able to achieve amazing things with good English, good didactics and a lot of charisma. Our cook Jeanne and her assistants ensure that the children can eat their fill once a day with a warm meal. For us in Austria this is a matter of course, but not for children from socially disadvantaged backgrounds in Rwanda. However, adequate nutrition is the basis for being successful in school.
The MGEC is also the location of the Rotary Vocational Center, where we run a tailoring class and give young women the basis for a successful professional life.
The MGEC itself also employs 14 people. Often one of our workers gets a whole family with the income.

Heart project Rwanda: Our goals

Our goals are to promote education, medical care, social and economic development. 100% of your help arrives as everyone on the board works at 100% volunatarily. We are proud of 0% administration costs. 

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