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Job Creation Project

We continued to expand and develop our job creation activities in 2019. We have already been able to establish two companies with numerous jobs. Isange Restaurant and Paradise Resort, a wonderful ten room bed and breakfast. The restaurant has been in operation since 2017, the Bed & We were able to open breakfast in 2018. For more information, visit: www.isangeparadiseresort.com and www. isangerestaurant.com.

There are many challenges in both establishments. We are pursuing two different goals. One goal is for these companies to serve as training centers for young people from Rwanda, including our “own” young adults from the MGEC. Despite good education, it is very difficult to find a job in Rwanda. There aren’t enough jobs – there’s no point in theorizing, just doing it yourself, and that’s exactly what we did and founded two companies. The second goal we have in mind is to increase the sustainability of our projects. Ideally, the two companies should be able to contribute to the budget of our charity projects MGEC, RVC, Kabagorozi and F4K – Muhisimbi Sewing Center in the coming years. However, we are still a long way from that. Although we had to contribute money for investments in 2019, the salaries and running costs are already borne by us. If you consider that we only opened recently and have already created jobs for over 20 people, we can be quite satisfied.

Heart project Rwanda: Our goals

Our targets are to promote education, medical care, social and economic development. 100% of your help arrives as everyone on the board is at 100% voluntarily engaged. We are proud of 0% administration costs.

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